• alexraye_ae#shelfie time 🍃 mine isn't too exciting because i d.i.y. a lot, but you can see a few brands & products i l💚ve! tap to check them out!
    unmarked = the left black bottle is an overnight scalp oil treatment i use before wash days. the middle black bottle is a body oil i made with jasmine & rose EOs. the bottom white jar is activated charcoal.

  • osmiaorganicsHappy you're loving Lip Doctor!!
  • mkunetsHi:) what about the top right? What do you use it for? Thank you
  • joshrosebrookThank you so much. Hope you are loving your Cacao Mask 💕
  • alexraye_ae@osmiaorganics 😄 yes! it's very rich & moisturizing!
  • alexraye_ae@mkunets hey! i use it for my hair. there'll be a post on it later today 😊
  • alexraye_ae@joshrosebrook 💚 i am! can't wait for the advanced hydration mask also. take my money! haha
  • ashmathesoWhat do you use, if anything, for your eyes? Aka wrinkles/crows feet? 27 yrs is starting to set in for me 🙈I'm just dabbing a mix of rosehip oil and almond oil
  • alexraye_ae@ashmatheso - ah yea! rosehip oil is great! i like chia seed oil, hemp seed oil, and coffee bean oil too. for EOs, try carrot seed, frankincense, clary sage, or myrhh. aaaand if you want to take a masking approach, a blend of papaya and cucumber is lovely! as always, feel free to mix & match 😘
  • wildmoonholisticI DIY almost completely!! Its been so liberating and a joy to either have eliminated or replaced everything 💖
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