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  • warriorwomanPulse oximetry and the Wim Hof Method. 👉New blog post explains what I'm up to. Link in my profile.
    #wimhofmethod #wimhof #breathtraining #pulseoximeter

  • theicydicey_iceswimmerGreat post. I'm also doing WHM, but are not following the course 100%. Maybe I should pull my self together and be dedicsted and focused :)
  • warriorwoman@theicydicey_iceswimmer I didn't realise you were doing it too. Have you noticed it helping with the cold water swims?
  • theicydicey_iceswimmerYes, I think so. I was adapted to the cold before I got introduced to WHM, and have just done the breathing on/off.
  • theicydicey_iceswimmerThe last 3 weeks I have done the breathing more frequently and suddenly i have noticed, that my fingers doesn't cramp or hurt anymore. I talked to @addicted2cold and he explained about activation of the Brown addipose tissue (BAT). It is clearly what have happend, and I haven't found my limit in the water yet. For now I'm at 16.14 min in 1.5C - and just cold, not even near mild hypothermia
  • warriorwoman16 mins sounds like a long time. I don't think I am in for much more than 7 mins. I noticed the difference with the hand pain though since doing WHM - I seem to be able to last longer and maintain function.
  • girlontheriver@warriorwoman oh wow, taking it up a level!
  • theicydicey_iceswimmerMy goal is to swim an IISA-ratified 1000 meter (international ice swimming association). It will take me app 22 min with my current speed. And some time....some time... I might have a go at the ice mile :) Inwill take a lot of hoffing to get there :)
  • hellofitvicI'm intrigued!!
  • warriorwoman@theicydicey_iceswimmer that's an excellent challenge. I will follow with interest and admiration!
  • themarathonmarcusGreat stuff, looking forward to seeing your progress
  • ellelintonSounds like a good process! Hopefully one I'll never need in relation to cold water swimming
  • tashiskervinOooo I've not heard about this before, will deffs be reading
  • ldn_fit_Intriguing! Will give this a read
  • fitbits_Ahh this sounds really interesting!
  • mybigfitdiary_I'm intrigued. Heading for a read now
  • squibbviciousWill have to have a read!
  • _lovaine_I've never heard of this! Thanks for sharing xx
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