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  • realpropsbmxRoad Fools trailers were always fun to make (and challenging to make different each time while sharing a similar style). Here's the one for the last trip No. 18. Fun fact...this was the first trip we ever used a DSLR to film video #roadfools #bmx #bmxhistory

  • kenjymurataMore please
  • jay256Man. I looked forward to these videos growing up. Kids these days don't know what there missing.
  • stiffryanBring it back!
  • kareemjwilliams#DROPTHEBOOK
  • casbmxuk@realpropsbmx a signature style is one that will always prevail. And one that will always be known as "that". We want more. Bmx is still growing so let's see this is film. I for one ( and many others here no doubt) are still happy to buy and support this . 👍👍
  • jcbmx1@realpropsbmx real bmx right there! Come back
  • jpbevinsSponsored by Flick Trix?!?! Please have a Robbo playing with finger bikes cameo!!!!!
  • pablocvzcWill you ever bring em back?
  • evan529vachon@john.ludwick 🙌🏻
  • john.ludwickIt was truly an honor being apart of this legacy. Had such an amazing time with you guys. Thank you, again!
  • john.ludwick@evan529vachon Thanks man!
  • nuno__oliveiraHonored to have grown up with Props
  • jesse_gondekLoved this!! Still owe this one!!! Where is dave Thompson!!!???? Dude a savage!!!
  • tonymalouf🙌🏻
  • lefthandpatThere are only so many big wheel recreation bands to showcase.
  • billypurcell🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
  • danielallan227Such a shame there isnt a market for props anymore. Just do 1 for us midschool guys that appreciate some gnarly trail sessions and hitting parks whislt night times get a good street session. Take all the old dudes and leave these young street faggots out of it. JOE RICH FOR PRESIDENT
  • fern_rodriguezbring road fools back!!
  • master_felineI WANT TO SEE SOME BIG DADDY X UPS!!!! remember those from when I was 16
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