• alpacka_raftWhen you anticipate hitting warp speed. 😂 PC: @alaskanweed #thisispackrafting

  • outdoorasfuck@onlywhitney I feel like this should be you and sunny
  • onlywhitney@kassylane #squadgoals !!! Yes!!
  • alaskanweedIt was super cold that morning... something like 15 below.. salt ice on the paddles..
  • rezdog_01Haha! Cute! 🐩💗
  • ty_on_the_fly_Which raft is this? Also can y'all post a picture of the fjord with the rowing bars assembled? I'm looking to get one for fly fishing on multiple bodies of water but mainly the Guadalupe River in Texas. Originally I was thinking the self bailing llama... The rowing setup for the fjord would definitely help me out on the guad but wouldn't be ideal in other bodies of water plus I don't think the fjord is self bailing. Either way I'd really like to see a pic of the setup
  • alpacka_raft@ty_on_the_fly_ hey there! I'll have to do a little sleuthing to see if I have any pics of the Fjord with the rowing frame on (aside from 'shop pics' not on the water). You CAN get the fjord with a self-bailing floor - it's an awesome setup for fishing! I believe Brian (pictured above) has a Llama
  • jet_set_steffon✈️✈️✈️
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