• shivyaHello from Himachal Pradesh 👋 That rather short trip in the German Alps left me craving more mountain time... so I'm spending a couple of weeks @thelodgeatwah near Palampur - surrounded by tea plantations and the snow clad Dhauladhar range 😍
    Lately I've realized that being in a big city, Mumbai or Munich or Delhi, even for a few days, makes my mind babble and my heart pound faster. The noise, the traffic, the buildings, the constant mental simulation from the chaos and pace of city life is unnerving. But I only realize all this once I leave. A few days on the countryside, surrounded by nature, and I feel my mind getting quieter and my heart beating slower 🐾
    Do you feel that difference too?
    #theshootingstar #himachalpradesh #incredibleindia #hippieinhills #indiapictures

  • swativijayans@devaprasath23 Oh, thank you so much for that 😊
  • thegokulblogFeel exactly the same...cities make me feel like a machine with no fuel
  • orangejammiesYes! And I'm a born and bred Bombay girl who only discovered nature after moving to California 6 years ago!
  • projectaniccaI grew up here :')
  • shiilpsAww ..you are in my hometown❤❤
  • hanneholuschaThats why I chose living in a small village when I was 22. :-) You talk out of my heart, Shivya!
  • shivashish10511Home town #####lovely
  • avinash.ksTea Gardens #love
  • jurouettePalampur, my home away from home 💕🍃 I hope this hidden gem remains quiet and green because it is so good to escape from all the horns and the cities swarming with tourists and people and just take it all in when in Palampur.
  • lovemycosmosThanks for this one! Have a great day!
  • hitch_hikee@swativijayans most night photos she's been posting is long exposure ones and some with light painting also. U can capture shots like this with almost any dslrs.. Although the ones with good iso ranges will be more promising. If you can adjust the shutter speed in ur phone it can also be used. Happy hunting @devaprasath23
  • sourabhpundirRavines and the tea gradens😍😍😍😍 @the_fall_streak_13
  • sunilkumar.wayanadBeautiful view...Yes of course I do and that is the reason I keep commuting every week between Cochin and Wayanad..
  • jasmee20yes very well feel the same ...had been to same place a month back it was amazing 😍
  • blomsterdevaWestern Zealand, in Sorø. Denmark has very little Nature, since it's farmed heavily, but it's possible to find good spots, like this area. 😍
  • blomsterdevaCopenhagen is awesome too, though.
  • geetikanigamCome on over!!
  • messishobBeautiful 😍😍
  • travelmad.meGreat pic 👍👌
  • vjrohitranaHometown beauty
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