• redeyeincA benefit of being greatest friends means I can come to your house in pajamas, 3am, watch stupid youtube clips, and look like I just walked out of a hurricane but you don’t judge me… probably because you will also be looking just as crayyy and doing the same with me!!! Lots of people have come to know and love my friend Ben Houston but not everyone sees all the things I see… him surprising his wife with little gifts "just because"... prioritizing his children even when it means he won’t get much sleep later due to all he needs to get done… leaving the healthy 99 because he sees the 1 in need… giving his own birthday gifts/funds to kids in the projects that don’t have a dad… never wanting anyone to worry about him because he knows we all have stuff going on… turning down “glamorous” events and scenarios because he already committed to someone in need… loving a city so much that he moves his whole family to the other side of the globe…
    We will be friends until we’re old and senile THEN we’ll be new friends! Thanks for always getting my back… saying good things about me I don't deserve when I’m not around… kicking me when I need to get moving… and turning a busy CITY into an ever-expanding HOME.
    Love you bro. Till we are 93 and then some… #rookies

  • courtneyjbarrythis
  • joshrickettsWords like a top poet #shakespeare happy birthday Ben!🤘🏽
  • bianca.taveralove
  • bradtriffittYeeew!! 💥
  • daniellegrayfit👌
  • redeyeinc@lindseymarieharrell truth!
  • redeyeinc@kimmybiddle that really is a stunning way to describe his heart!! Thx for saying that.
  • redeyeinc@trevor_mcdonald aiiiight!! He's not that bad of a human I guess! Haha
  • redeyeinc@kriswolfe and that is a big deal for you to express such! Thx man.
  • redeyeinc@david.ware pretty much!!!
  • redeyeinc@daniellegrayfit on point with that emoji!
  • redeyeinc@bradtriffitt miss ya man!! Get to West Coast again soon!
  • redeyeinc@joshricketts haha. Some friends from London just arrived but wish you came with them!
  • redeyeinc@courtneyjbarry or that
  • redeyeinc@bianca.tavera always better than hate! Haha
  • cindyyhdzThis is the best! I was at Heart & Soul last & the story of those 3 boys touched my heart. Love them & love that we all came together as the church family that we are to help out.
  • benjaminhoustonLove you so much man. Thank you!!
  • mrsandreadavis🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 So grateful you have this in your life!!!
  • revjohnsobiechJustin so glad to meet you at church. I'm planted committed to hillsong. I want to team with you for hillsong LA city care westside . I have helped 104 homeless people attian their housing. 1Jesus 2Connect 3Empower 4 Advocate. I live in Hollywood and I want to see what you do and you can see what I do. Thanks bro.
  • coreyanthonyjonesAww nice
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