• annashinodaThank you to everyone who honored Mike on his birthday weekend with a donation to Music For Relief!
    Together we donated over $1800!
    Although I haven't yet found out exactly where the money will go - that will be determined over at MFR based on greatest need - I wanted to give you an idea of how many lives can be changed from these donations: A hospital in Uganda will be able to safely bring countless babies into our world at night with the help of a solar suitcase, families in Haiti will have solar lights to read and study by, families in Napal will live healthier lives when they cook with a clean cook stove, and families in South America will have a light at night powered by a SOCCKET soccer ball that uses kinetic energy.
    It's hard to imagine a world without electricity, and while a light might seem to make little difference, it is sometimes the difference between life and death.

    Thank you all for your kindness and generosity! (Also - I left last names off the card for privacy purposes since I wanted to post this photo online, but Mike did receive the list with full names.) (Edit - if you donated Friday, Saturday or Sunday and your name is not on here, please let me know!)

  • skula__Игорь Ф ✊🏻
  • flohnsenI am not listed but that's fine - congratulations everyone 😃
  • linashinodaSo proud of you @annashinoda @m_shinoda 😉😉😉
  • bigbadboz1984Thankyou @annashinoda for the oppurtunity - Graham H
  • sahebehkhoshnasibawww sweethearts❤
  • donald_stottsThat's so awesome 👍👍👍
  • voros_v1The popularity of using Your noble purpose. I'm proud of You all on behalf of his wife. 😉👏
  • mevy14What about a children in syria?
  • deborahkaplanDid it a few weeks ago and I'm so happy to read your post!!
  • nicoletta236So glad we can be apart of a good cause. ❤
  • shells9700luvWhat an awesome idea and gift!! You both are amazing 💜
  • kristi_wonderВижу Игоря 😆
  • jasotrustyAwesome cause
  • natureandcitynightlifeBy the way hope he had a great party on his bday!! Great cause music changes lives!!👌👌😘
  • dabanovaolgaИгорь***
  • nav_redCoolest idea ever!
  • clodinelove😍
  • clodinelove😍
  • annashinoda@mevy14 donations went to the charity Mike and his band mates founded: Music For Relief. MFR is dedicated to providing aid for people who are survivors of natural disasters and protecting the environment. Providing aid to survivors of war is not in our mission statement. We have partnered with Save the Children after natural disasters, and I do know that they are currently accepting donations specifically to help children from Syria. I'd encourage anyone wanting to make a donation to check out Save the Children as an option.
  • mevy14Ok @annashinoda i understand..hope the donation can help many people out there
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