• goodrebelveganSo honoured to announce that the beneficiary of this month's Bacon Benefit is the Toronto Wildlife Centre! TWC does what no one else in Toronto does- they take in injured, sick and orphaned wild animals and go above and beyond to rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild. While Toronto animal services does not accept wildlife except when they require euthanasia, TWC turns no one away. We can't count how many injured pigeons and squirrels we've brought to them over the years. These people are complete heroes, and we are so proud to support them. Come by the shop this Saturday February 18, grab a vegan bacon sandwich, and know that every penny will benefit this amazing organization. Also- tomorrow Toronto City Council will be voting on two important issues pertaining to TWC. Their current location is slated for demolition, so they must move to a new spot in the Rouge National Urban Park. The city is voting on whether to approve a grant for TWC, as well as whether their new location will be provided with a water supply. Both massively critical to TWC's continued work. So. Please take a sec and give your city councillor's office a quick call expressing your support of TWC, and encouraging them do to the same at the vote! We've been assured Councillor Bailao of Ward 18 has promised TWC her full support. See you amazing folks Saturday!! 🐥❤️🐦
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  • goddamnittarah💕💕💕💕💕
  • jeyanjeganathanThat's where I volunteered feeding squirrels! Ha.
  • evxocosmetics(:
  • kmisheff⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • goodrebelvegan@jeyanjeganathan tell me there are pics 😁
  • debchubackWonderful! My daughter volunteered for a few years. They have come to my rescue on many occasions.
  • hippiespinsterJust tweeted my city councillor with cc to Ana Bailao.
  • goodrebelvegan@debchuback they're total angels! So lovely your daughter's helped them out! Thanks from us to her. 😊
  • goodrebelvegan@hippiespinster many thanks indeed! 🐥
  • elephantlove2Pretty nice :)
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