Trying to get one of cats I'm fostering to settle in. Um...ouch. Off to pick up the penicillin I now have to go on. #scaredkitty #love #adoptdontshop
  • officialtriciahelferTrying to get one of cats I'm fostering to settle in. Um...ouch. Off to pick up the penicillin I now have to go on. #scaredkitty #love #adoptdontshop

  • trincynnaOuch! Glad you're getting meds though. Can really make you sick. Good on you for fostering. Speedy recovery for you & hope kitty gets a new forever home soon.
  • patrickwautierNow you know that when Kitty just answer : " Meeeeeeooooooooooww FSHHHHHHHHH " it's better to call a Medic instead of the vet...😂😂😂😂
  • bonanza1981Get well, @officialtriciahelfer 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
  • mare_lee_dougHoly shit! (For lack of a better word). I'm sure that purple finger will be pink again in no time at all.... 😒😆
  • aeval_labraidOuch! Have you ever used the Comfort Zone? If not, often it helps with stressed cats. Especially for those under the situation your foster is going through. Heal quickly Lady! And calm thoughts to your foster.
  • luciferandchloeouch
  • luciferandchloethat looks painful
  • badmrfrostmanTalk about an attack cat! Yikes take care of that hand @officialtriciahelfer 🙀
  • pcjedi71Yuk. I wear gloves for that. I have similar issues with our bird
  • johnm0ranI thought I had it bad when my foster kitten 'Slunk' bit through my index finger nail and all. Yours looks worse.
  • chaos_crew_catsHoly crap!! I had an elderly kitty of mine bite my arm once, and it was bad but not your index finger bad!
  • oranineWow! That must have hurt!!!!!☹️
  • sterling.kittyOuch been there done that. I feel for you, thank goodness some one like you handled it instead of someone with no patients and would lose their temper. You are awesome.
  • mustafazor87😮☹️☹️I wish you speed recovery
  • ra_th3_obs3rv3rBad kitty! I hope your hand gets better soon! 💖
  • chrisropherorrOh dear be careful heal fast
  • arizonagixxerWhat are you fostering? A Bobcat? lol #speedyrecovery
  • idilkarabilYou are amazing.
  • gomeshome22Holly crap, Tricia! The things we do for our fur kids. Hope you heal quickly. ❤🙀
  • aeval_labraid@officialtriciahelfer how is your hand doing so far? Hope its feeling better. And how's the foster kitty doing too?
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