• gopeacecorpsKyree Rollins has often been the first to accomplish most things in his life.
    He was the first in his family to attend college. He was the first of his friends to map out a plan after graduation. He is a member of the first fraternity established for African-American men, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. And in 2015, Rollins became the first male from his university, Central State University, to join the Peace Corps. “Coming from the inner city, the Peace Corps is not something that’s common. It’s not something talked about or heard about,” he said. “Most of our families stayed at home and don’t move around or travel much. The Peace Corps was a start for me. I opened the door for many and showed them that this is an opportunity for us.” But even with his leadership skills and service-minded demeanor, Rollins often felt like he was wearing a mask. It was a mask he had carefully constructed and hid behind for as long as he could remember. Though he was involved in service organizations throughout high school, he felt like he was unable to speak up for himself and was unsure of who he was – until he became an Alpha Phi Alpha member, that is. “My fraternity taught me that my voice mattered,” said Rollins. “Once you get with black men who are like-minded and have a goal to change their communities, world, and make a difference, that’s mind blowing. I became a servant-leader, and I recognized that I was more than just a face – I have a voice and I can actually make a difference.”

    YOUR voice matters and YOU can make a difference, too. Join the Peace Corps family and make every day count.
    Learn more about Kyree and his experiences serving in Togo as an African-American Volunteer in our next post.

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