This sweet girl is my own daughter. She just turned nine years old, and one of our birthday traditions has been to set up a beautiful portrait session to capture at least one gorgeous portrait series each year. (We usually end up with a few by the time a year is done, but the birthday shoot is sacred.) We created this image on a lazy Sunday, just the two of us in the studio. I wrapped her hair in pink tulle and skipped any other hair styling and makeup (she did get some eyelashes added in Photoshop later, though). I set up the bed of flowers on the studio floor and she asked me what the story was that we were telling with the photo. I told her it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty. Maybe just in the moment she was waking up.

This beautiful child never stops bringing me pride and delight. I feel so lucky to be her mother. Yesterday she came to me and said "Mom, on Sunday can we do another girls day? Except this time, I want to be the one to pamper YOU all day." And suddenly I realize that she isn't my baby anymore. She is a thoughtful, intelligent young woman with spice and playfulness and sweetness beyond anything I could have hoped for.

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