• trentonprfmTHE TPRFM GOES INTERNATIONAL! On April 9th, our friends at Nervous Habits (@shopnervoushabits) will be crossing the border… from Canada! They will be making the trek to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market to showcase their line of handsomely hand-printed and sweetly sewn tote bags, cosmetic bags, and pouches. All of which were neurotically handcrafted with care by our friends from the North. We are psyched to have our first ever Canadian vendor and even more psyched that they will be offering so many cool and custom soft-goods for all of the discerning rock n rollers that will be descending on the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Spring Fling Edition during the weekend of April 8th & 9th. SAVE THE DATES and tell your mates that there will be over 200 unique vendors each day and of course, there will also be food trucks and live music. Come see what all the fuss is “aboot,” eh? (yeah, that was our attempt at speaking Canadian). #trentonprfm #trentonpunkrockfleamarket #nervoushabits #neuroticcustoms #eh #tprfm

  • shopnervoushabitsJust out for a rip buds! Can't wait! Thanks for having me! 🖤 (I totally do say eh!)
  • mediasavvygirlsthanks for sharing 😊
  • hello_dollface13Yes!!!
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