• sashaexeterFilled with all kinds of emotion posting our little one's very first photo and no doubt the most important image I've ever posted on Instagram. I've looked at this photo about a million times with the same excitement as I did when I first saw the baby jumping around on the ultrasound screen. To think there is a teeny tiny life growing inside me that WE created is just crazy - and kinda sci-fi! After suffering a miscarriage, I kid you not, the happiness of this pregnancy was replaced with so much anxiety and fear in the first 3 mths it's UNBELIEVABLE. Absolutely terrified history would repeat itself...robbing us a bit of the excitement a couple should experience when they are expecting. BUT, with the first trimester scaries finally behind us (wish I could say the same for nausea) we're so excited about our little bean and all that's to come. 🤰🏾👶🏽❤️

  • sashaexeter@simplysealy thanks sweetheart!
  • sashaexeter@abhishekdekate thanks babe xx
  • sashaexeter@aniab hahaha whats getting huge is my belly 🤰🏾 lol - thanks for the well wishes beautiful Ania
  • sashaexeter@keishamayenge yessssssss way
  • sashaexeter@izhache Thanks girl - you are proof that Mommy's can be badass after birth
  • sashaexeter@djpplus thaaaaaaaaank you P!!!!! It's been a long road. Excited for what's ahead tho
  • sashaexeter@yaynaomi trying to - never been more sick in my life tho 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • sashaexeter@michiemash 🙏🏾thanks gorgeous
  • sashaexeter@graciecarroll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you!!!!!!!
  • sashaexeter@ericblack_ ❤️❤️ thanks uncle E
  • sashaexeter@shhschu you da best
  • visualietaCongrats, beautiful! 💕
  • elaishajadeI'm literally so excited. I'm going to knit you baby booties 😻
  • debbieshing@sashaexeter You're going to be an amazing one!! 🤗💯
  • jdubz03@sashaexeter --this post spoke to my 💜 and literally has me in tears; I'm right there with you, girl! Today marks the start of week 15 and we have yet to make it official. I, too, miscarried last fall and last spring. Each day I hope for little more excitement and less trepidation. Thank you for having the courage to share your story!
  • jdubz03PS--and CONGRATS! @sashaexeter
  • iamasciaCongratulations ❤️mommy of two here and I understand both the fear and excitement! Welcome to the most beautiful chapter in your life 🙏🏽
  • juliamateianOMMMMMG HOW DID I MISS THIS!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! So excited AND happy for you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • theamberj❤❤❤
  • karinshay4I must have been in NY and missed this! My favourite post!Beautiful Miracle ❤️🙏
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