NEW Episode: Famous songs we may have misunderstood and lyrics listeners have misheard. (link in bio)
  • thepopcastNEW Episode: Famous songs we may have misunderstood and lyrics listeners have misheard. (link in bio)

  • jenwin72@shehopesorg same..."gotta lonely Starbucks lovers".
  • rlgriffithLOVED👏🏻THIS👏🏻EPISODE👏🏻 dying!😂🤣 Can there be a misheard lyrics 2?? I feel like we only dipped a toe into the water here!
  • monandez@mcfarlanefam 😂😂
  • kathryn.gieseOnly a few minutes in, but I found my newest addition to my labor playlist and I'm pretty excited to share that piece of trivia with my nurses and midwife #closingtime #butreally #gtfo
  • hollywith3boysThis has to be my favorite episode. I laughed so hard with all of the lyrics. Thanks guys. I needed that today 😂😂
  • mlwatkins919Laughing out loud at this while people stare at me in the office. Have you gotten the video of the husband singing "OMG a Penguin and a Llama" yet??
  • chrislhamDevil went down to Georgia. I always sang the line "Chicken in a bread pan picking out dough" as "chicken in a biscuit breaking down doors".
  • abbymancheskyinteriorsWhen I was little I honestly thought the Doxology said "praise him all preachers hear below." And wondered why all the preachers were in hell. 😂😂😂 Still unsure why the actual words say "Praise him all creatures hear below." Below where? Are there animals in hell? Why are we singing to hell? What is happening?
  • brittbowronLoved this week's episode and I definitely need a shirt that says "Oh my God, it's a penguin and a llama"!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂Never again will I hear that song the same way!
  • alittlesheltonCried laughing at this one
  • pd_christineBoston has been one of my favorite bands from my high school days in the '80s. Last year I looked up the lyrics to More Than a Feeling because I thought the part that says "Till I see my Marianne walk away" was "till I see my derrière walk away"!!!!
  • pd_christineI agree you need to have a regular misunderstood lyrics show just like the Urban Dictionary! #bestpodcastever
  • emilyruthgulkaThe Cup Song: You're gonna miss me by my walk, You're gonna miss me by my taco. 🌮🌮🌮 I mean, if the taco's good...
  • letmegiveyousomeadviceJust finished the episode and my husband reminded me that our kids, after watching Missy Elliott's appearance on Carpool Karaoke, are convinced that she's singing "get your free cone, get your free cone!" Instead of "freak on" Do I correct them? No I do not! #parentingwin
  • chelsroseGuys. Awesome episode! My childhood misheard lyric was Genie in a Bottle: "Come, come... come on and let me out" I sang as "Come, come... come on in. Meow!" My husbands was Garth Brooks' Shameless: "I'm shameless" he sang as "I'm shavin'"
  • braynaudAt one point I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe during this episode.
  • forwardeffectkatThis episode!! You guys always make me laugh out loud but this one was a CLASSIC. 💯
  • llhall57So I've seen that WW commercial about 10 times today. It makes me laugh every time. 😂
  • marycarverOh my word. I laughed so hard I swear I heard Knox's wheezy laugh coming out of my mouth. So funny!
  • annemariekelleyBest episode yet! So funny 😂
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