• expeditionportalAmerican Overlander: Woolrich Yankee Work Boots (@woolrichinc )
    "Within the outdoorsman’s lexicon, few words resonate with more textured history than the name––Woolrich. It instantly conjures images of black and red plaid shirts worn by woodsmen, hunters, and tradesmen, the very customers for whom the brand has relied on for more than 185 years. Like all companies with such a long tenure, Woolrich has had periods of market domination and challenging years assuaging the competition. Throughout it all, the descendants of founder John Rich, now in their seventh generation, continue to pilot the company through uncertain times by adapting to changing consumer needs while staying grounded to their established roots." -by Christopher Noel (@christophe_l_noel)
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  • apatrizzinice looking dress shoes. But i'll stick to my Red Wing 88875 (also hand made in USA)
  • introverted_excavatorYeahh.....these aren't work boots. Maybe for the city folk
  • lgphotoAs long as there are hipsters, 'work' wear will be alive & well. I guess these 'work' on Wall St...
  • christophe_l_noelYou guys obviously didnt READ my review, huh?
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