Wrote a note for Preslee for singing on our show this morning . 3rd grade ...
  • mrbobbybonesWrote a note for Preslee for singing on our show this morning . 3rd grade ...

  • suzmcfroozeIt kind of looks like a 3rd grader wrote that note 🙊. She sounded amazing
  • zthatgirlI was one of those millions...I smiled all the way to work...the freeway to the country to dodging the 🦌 all with a smile. That young lady was awesome.
  • julie_young15I'm a 3rd grade teacher, the only way I would excuse her is if @bobbybonesshow came to talk to the class one day!! 😀. Hint, hint!!
  • clancycbbShe is amazing! Beautiful voice!!!
  • dlfinleyYou are such an awesome guy! ❤
  • stacy573I'd excuse her ! Lol
  • beachinmyfutureI was blown away this morning!! Such a beautiful voice!! And to remember all the lyrics and stay in such harmony with her dad...kuddos!!
  • njbroadListening to them was the best part of my day
  • teachermarisaI'm a 3rd grade teacher and I would accept that note!
  • meganm1288Go back to your Instagram story of you writing the note. Your tongue is hilarious during it. 👅
  • ali78753AAWWWW
  • cottonjoAmazing 😍
  • elizabethweinerth@cgmanzione As a teacher, I'd excuse this child for an autograph or a Pimpin Joy shirt.
  • twhiskeyShe is a phenomenal little singer. What a voice!
  • avaviewSweet...but I'll cheer when she gets you to sign something for the PTA auction! 😂😂😱😱😂😂
  • kimberlydwallerLoved hearing her sweet little voice his morning! Thanks for having her and her dad on the show!
  • pdiazgonzales👍
  • sandras50shadesThis precious girl has an amazing voice..I truly enjoyed hearing her sing it with her Dad. I told several people about it yesterday morning💕🎼
  • kerieoehlertLoved that segment she was awesome
  • worldsailingholidaysTerrific :)
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