Power to the pout. 💄💋
  • avoninsiderPower to the pout. 💄💋

  • lauren.arrowsmithLove me some lipstick 😜💋💄
  • avondebraIt's the best! 💋
  • elizabeth_hill_0419Love the reds!!
  • furry_lives_matterStop selling China where ANIMAL TESTING IS REQUIRED! Disgusting. 👎🏻
  • mjmvlobos@furry_lives_matter avon products are made in the usa not china. Avon is against animal testing. Get yoyr
  • mjmvlobosstory straight.
  • furry_lives_matter@mjmvlobos my story is straight. China requires testing on cosmetics that are not manufactured there. Like you said Avon is manufactured in the US, therefore.... Avon pays China to torture animals so they can sell there. Do you think I'd toss around accusations if I didn't have my story straight? So now you need to do your homework before jumping at me. Go to PETA and or just google it. It's not hard to find info.
  • furry_lives_matter@mjmvlobos let's ask them!! Hey @avoninsider do you pay have to pay China to do perform tests on animals in order to sell tour product there?????
  • wandaharris6607wandaharris6607 @WandaAvonBeauty always wearing and enjoying Avon Nourishing Lipstick.
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