Got my side session in today feeling great!!! #teamjordan
  • dbetances68Got my side session in today feeling great!!! #teamjordan

  • 11trus11💪🏼
  • ethan.michiels@brahmabull71 side session 🙄 should be a Yankee session
  • brahmabull71@ethan.michiels Well the WBC is first.
  • edbld718@dbetances68 randy levine is a mmg 😑, good luck this season tho! 🇩🇴 you'll get yours soon!
  • yankee_prospect_rptHey Dellin I just wanted to tell you that we all love you, all us Yankee fans. In fact you're my favorite player. I hope you're a lifetime Yankee Dellin, keep doing you!
  • pancakes_4_everrYao FUCK randy Levine, never liked that bastard. You Deserve better dellin.
  • pacman1988.pcKick some butt. Don't let idiotic Levine comments keep you from being a forever Yankee. We fans love what you do and how you do it. You are appreciated. Have a great year!
  • bulldoza888You're the man @dbetances68 keep your head up bc we know you do a job that almost no one in baseball does! You are a 6-7-8 inning man! You are 3 pitchers in one and worth so much
  • tycano2496Keep doing what u doing we love u as a Yankee u belong here
  • infamous_troubleGet it Dellin and fuck Levine...good luck this season
  • thexbearxjew@dbetances68 as a life long yankees fan you deserved every bit of that 5 mil u asked for.
  • j__z___@dbetances68 Randy Levine doesn't speak for Yankees fans. Fuck Randy Levine, we appreciate all you've done
  • shawnstamonsta22This shows your maturity man. Never leave the Yankees. We all lost respect for Randy. You'll get your worth you better believe it.
  • soup525F Randy Levine
  • sal.gioiaPlease don't leave us when ur a FA
  • nakie18Do work! You have my support! No matter what Randy what's his name has to say about you!! ⚾️⚾️
  • raftorres_What's up Dellin just wanted to say like many other fans we know the work you put in man.. always taking the ball and being a gamer.. you deserve every bit of what you asked man i hope you kill it this season and either get an extension or get picked up by a team that knows your value in free agency, good luck stud. @dbetances68
  • iamjoshybaseball#ibackbetances
  • 2nyy8Don't listen to Levine who is a straight up idiot! You keep being you. Go out there and do what you know how to do! Listen to your teammates who support you. We appreciate everything you do! Stay strong!!!
  • ___cruruzzgreetings from Guatemala @dbetances68
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