• gopoversightToday, Chairman Chaffetz requested information from the White House on security protocols for sensitive information at Mar-a-Lago.

  • nicfrandsenNot good enough! Investigate Russian ties during the election. Do your job guys.
  • _cielorodriguez@cenkuygur
  • _cielorodriguezu said it first CENK TYT TYT!
  • jakechessuminvestigate Flynn! Do your job!
  • tracyfetterAlso, Investigate the White House's connections to Russia. Today! Do your job!
  • donnawalker56You are going to be a busy man. Please do the right thing. Nonpartisan investigations!
  • semseattleThat's not enough! Investigate President Trump's conflicts of interest involving Russia. Will he benefit from the sale of a 19.5 percent share of Rosneft, the Russian government oil company? Billmoyers.com/story/americas-sake-need-answers-russia-now/ #doyourjob #investigateTrump #Trumpcorruption #emoluments
  • sullenaquarianYou are the worst person in Congress, the worst person in DC, the worst person in this country, the worst person on this planet.
  • becky.forrestThank You! Thank You! You give me hope for America. Be careful of the awful sneaking people. I wait for new information on YouTube.
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