• alexandraroxoIt took almost 33 years to find my true love. I searched far and wide. I looked for this true love in many places. Mostly the hearts of others. I would look at them thinking "Is it you?” Not paying attention to my own reflection in their eyes, I just kept searching.
    The search was hard. It left my heart battered. Having to restart, I sat alone. At the bottom of the barrel. The end of a rope. And that’s when I noticed her smiling at me.
    It took a lot of work to look at her and admit I loved her. For it is truly scary to fall in love with one’s self. It’s an embarrassing process of sorts, an awkward Bambi legs of a moment.
    I never thought she could be my true love. I used to not understand her. She annoyed the shit out of me. I would look in the mirror and think her hair was weird. Her legs were big. She talked too much. She was too excited about life. She was too much in general. She wanted too big of things. She loved too much. She cried too much. She was too emotional. Too sexual. Too temperamental. I starved her. I beat her up mentally and physically. I was ashamed of her. I tried to make her small.
    So when I found myself alone with her, falling for her, I had a lot of I’m sorry’s to tell her. A lot of tears to shed with her. A lot of forgiveness to ask of her. A lot of acceptance to give her.
    So to make up for lost time I try and love her as much as possible everyday. Listen to her. Feed her well. Let her play and dance. Some days I slip and that's ok. She forgives me. She knows I love her and there is no turning back.
    Hope you find your true love too. ❤

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  • _taylormonet_beautiful & deeply inspiring. how does one first start to love themselves?? it's a journey i need but am confused about where to start
  • alexandraroxo@_taylormonet_ would love to help! come to my workshop on the 26th if you can. I'm going to give a lot of tools for this 💗 or read any of my writing for free or join Moon club !
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