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  • carolmontgomery10603outlook.cIt is God's will for yo both to stay married, He cannot stand divorce, except for adultery, physical abuse, child abuse., thus you 2 Happy Valentine's Night!
  • lynah.sBeyonce, I respect you because you are married and sustained it. Manny celebrities failed. You are so humbled for your man and family. Bless you
  • olatunkPerfect couples
  • ogareylarbie@larrahall
  • shawn_corey_carter_official
  • larrahallhmmm 🤔 @ogareylarbie
  • bonita_tania_so in love i like this
  • lientjekuss❤❤❤
  • mii_ohrringXango and Oshun
  • moorecarmeliaYou two are gorgeous together
  • nakiastarr❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • p._i._n._k._g._i._r._lRelationship goals 🙌🏽💎
  • chrismonleythat's it O.G jayz don,t STOP being a LEADER to your FAMILY .
  • niki1826.nmAwwwwwwww
  • lilmama_530She is not pregnant they playing everybody
  • thestar_boy@lilmama_530 fuck off hater
  • lilmama_530@thestar_boy I'm not no hater but she ain't hell she didn't have her first baby! If you know anything bout pregnancy where is her line on her stomach all women's get thank you
  • thestar_boy@lilmama_530 stop saying shits ...blue is her real baby this rumor sucks ...stop hearing bullshits from this fucking media ...the reason that blue is 100% looks like beyonce....and beyonce is so shy and she doesn't like to reveal her private life ...she's pregnant like every woman around the world...what can abstain her from giving birth? Ur haters really pathetic...get a life
  • thestar_boy@lilmama_530 and u was talking bout the line of pregnancy....she didn't show a billion photo to judge her....she just has shown 2or 3 and they are photo shops absolutely some parts can't be revealed truly ...besides..there are lots of women who got pregnant without any lines or some natural traces of pregnancy....she gave birth on 2012..and she'll give birth on 2017...and yall haters still mad ...God has given her graces...have u any problem!!! Omg even a pregnant woman hasn't been safe of ur tongues...
  • lilmama_530To be honest I really don't care & like I said the media ain't telling me nothing. Why u riding the duck & pussy! For one last pregnancy she went on a show stomach went flat trying to sit down but it's the media. Now she taking pics with no line on the stomach explain that cuz all women's have that line. Cierra have it Kelly have It! Y'all so far gone up the butt y'all that one real from fake! Blue look like her daddy just bey color!!
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