• aleceronzinoLife is too short and too messy not to celebrate the wins when they come.
    The freelance life is certainly lonely at times, but flying solo doesn’t have to mean flying alone. I am so thankful for my weekly gathering with these strong women—all creative, entrepreneurial badasses in their own right—who encourage, challenge, and inspire me in work and in life. What we sometimes lack by not having coworkers with whom to celebrate work wins is more than made up for by sharing mimosas together to honor one another’s victories.
    (And the random conference table wires just seem to be the perfect depiction of the mess that is real life... and how we've chosen to simply celebrate in the midst of it all.)
    Cheers @hilarybarnett! Here’s to YOU and to more “good days”… great parking spaces and all. 🥂

  • cjparker3So sad to miss! Love you ladies!!
  • aleceronzinoWe missed you big time @cjparker3! ❤
  • thrivephotoSAD TO MISS!!! Love all you ladies!!
  • aleceronzinoLove you @thrivephoto, and missed you today!
  • hilarybarnettLove you so freaking much. Thank you.
  • photojen222Oh man, can I get in on this meeting? I'm a freelancer too 🙋🏻
  • beckidevriesI love this and am just so proud of you @hilarybarnett
  • gradiellisLOVE! Excited and honored to be included on this journey of badasses. @hilarybarnett you started my journey off quite well with this big win. Congrats to you!!!
  • mrslauraparkerLove you friend. Cheering you on, always.
  • aleceronzino@photojen222 When we kickstart the fall semester of Mastermind, let's talk about you joining us! ❤
  • aleceronzino@hilarybarnett Love love love you!
  • aleceronzino@beckidevries I love the randomness of our discussions. No matter the topic, there's always a depth and so much insight... So thankful for y'all!
  • aleceronzino@gradiellis Woop woop! 🙌🏼
  • aleceronzino@mrslauraparker Love you, my friend. ❤
  • beckidevries@aleceronzino couldn't agree more
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