• smallmeasureExactly 17 years ago today, I hosted a sort of Galentine's Day afternoon at my apartment. I was nursing a broken heart at the time, and felt that cutting out and decorating heart-shaped cookies with some ladies I loved would help in the healing. Fast foreword to today, where @glennbenglish and I surprised Huxley with some Valentine's Day gifts before I served my guys this first course of breakfast, a Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Navel Orange, Coconut, and (natural) Maraschino Cherry Salad. All of which is to say, that in life and in love, you never know what's ahead. I find that heartening, to think that, at any given time, a rut or undesirable or challenging situation I'm in is subject to change. As Walt Whitman famously wrote "Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes." Take heart, friends, this Valentine's Day, and always, that things will change. Sending love, from me and my house to you and yours.

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  • xineel17 years ago I had not yet met the love of my life either. I wish you many more love filled years❣️
  • joythebakerIt's all very true. ❤️to you all!
  • kcolossusWhere are these speckled bowls from? They're gorgeous
  • smallmeasure@kcolossus @glennbenglish made them! 😃
  • kzstevensI met my husband 20yrs ago today at an "anti-valentines" day party that my ex boyfriend threw every year. 😆
  • laurie_dimino@smallmeasure Such wise words Ashley! Thank you for the gentle reminder! Happy Valentines Day!❤️
  • reason_to_singHappy Valentines Day❣️
  • sweettreefarmslove this
  • elizabluesingsBoy isn't that truth-- and what a blessing!
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