• save_the_mermaidsLast night Save the Mermaids joined @sbchannelkeeper and @cec_sb power house Mermaids Penny Owens and Kathi King to lend our voice to the expansion of the Carpinteria City Styrofoam Ban. We were advocating for Carp to revise their Styrofoam ordinance to include the retail sale of all Styrofoam products. Several other CA cities have done this, including Ojai and Malibu (and some larger cities !).
    We were so excited that the city council of Carpinteria, and mayor, were so receptive to this idea and are planning on moving forward by putting onto the coming schedule! Thank you Carpinteria City for always paving the way for small environmental movements for Santa Barbara County, from the bag ban to styrofoam! 💙🌎💙
    Change starts with local legislation. Laws are changed by advocacy. By one individual or many concerned about something that affects their community, state, environment... essentially what we as a people want for OUR lives. This is how you do it, you find something in your local community you want to fix and you go talk to your city council! If you could change just one thing, what would it be?

  • mermaidswimviGood job mermaids!!
  • sbchannelkeeper💧💙 @save_the_mermaids power house mermaids unite!
  • jenn_baby12🤗🌎
  • dreamhomz.ocAwesome. I'll check this out I'm my city Laguna beach. Thanks mermaids! Styrofoam is as bad as plastic if not worse
  • amberlovesloveYes! Thank you!
  • kimmieinparisGo mermaids!❤
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