Tap video for sound
  • bekathwia#arduinoaday 14: "Additive (light-based) color has three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Simultaneously controlling the brightness of one LED of each of these colors can create almost any color of light. Color changing LEDs work the same way, but the LEDs are all together in a very small package called an RGB LED. Let's build our own RGB LED from three 5mm single-color LEDs.
    LEDs with clear lenses can be any color, so we'll have to plug them in to determine which LED is which. Unplug your USB cable and swap out the red LED for one of the clear-lens LEDs, then plug the USB back in. What color is the LED? If you find the red one on the first try, set it aside and repeat the process to determine the color of the the other two LEDs." Learn free: instructables.com/classes #arduino #dailyarduino #arduinouno #electronics #diy #makersgonnamake #maker #instructables

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