Today's blog post is about angry bloggers, desperate for free stuff.. Link in bio!
  • kiphakesToday's blog post is about angry bloggers, desperate for free stuff.. Link in bio!

  • mkcolBut.... But.... But....Free shit?!!
  • thelifestylebloggerukMan on a mission!
  • bump2baby2Angry as is the desperates who plead with companies constantly on twitter or angry as in the ones who hate on others they're jealous of? 😂
  • thelittleblogofbeautyI'll pop over and have a read!
  • angloyankophileSuch an interesting topic!
  • closingwinterI'm definitely going to read this!
  • therealjemjabellaYou been working out Kip? ;)
  • socialbeautifyAre there really bloggers angry for not receiving free products? Or am I so naive? I bought all products in loges about for the first nearly three years before I got something send through.
  • kiphakes@therealjemjabella nope!
  • beautybargainsandbeyondJust read your post and it's really interesting and some good points made 👍
  • backtoyoubeautyOoooh that's a scary face but I can't wait to have a read!
  • kiziwooWill head over for a read
  • strandonbeautyLink isn't working for me at the moment?
  • kiphakes@strandonbeauty hmmm.. Works here! Xx
  • thewhatnowblogVery interesting topic! Heading over for a read now 😊
  • lifeinlustreGreat post Kip, hate when brands are like that and demand all the coverage for not much back. Also...'pr friendly'....urgh.
  • space.of.beautyI'll have to have a read of this later 😊
  • prettygreenteaLooking forward to reading when I've finished up with work!
  • fluttersparkleJust read the post - very interesting - i don't know the brand you're talking about and haven't seen anyone featuring it, but I have seen other brands offering these 'competitions' before, and as you said, it seems like a lot of free exposure for the brand and not much else!
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