Happy 14th bday to one of the coolest and sweetest kids i know. Love u squirt. #keeley #valentinesbaby
  • jasonaldeanHappy 14th bday to one of the coolest and sweetest kids i know. Love u squirt. #keeley #valentinesbaby

  • bandg2005She looks like you
  • lang61Happy birthday. Love her name, I named my daughter that exact name 26 years ago.
  • madison_amoth@addeefaye omg. He calls his daughter squirt. It's fate.
  • coleb009She looks just like you @jasonaldean and I'm probably the only person to notice, but she has the same little freckle as you on her forehead. Cute!
  • rosebudhallHappy belated Birthday!🎁🎷🎉🎈
  • kimmysgirl2008@alyshiaborges she is 14 you asswipe
  • kimmysgirl2008@alyshiaborges She is 14 you asswipe
  • alabamajrfan19Dunnuh... Dunnuh... Dunnuh... Duh Nuh... They say it's ur birthday... It's my birthday too yeah... WoW !!! The big 14 !?!?! B4 ya know it u'll b graduatin' n then goin' ta college, n so on n so forth. I wish u the best of the best gurly. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday !!!! Hope u had lotsa fun n made many memorable memories !!! Here's ta loads more happy and fun-filled birthdays ta come !!!! 🎆🎁🎇🎀🎊🎈🎉🍬🍰🍭🎂
  • alabamajrfan19What a bea-u-tee-ful young lady u've turned n2 !!!! Ur dad @jasonaldean better keep a close eye out for the boyz !!! Start cleanin' ur gunz @jasonaldean !!!! Ha-Ha-Ha !!!
  • reneetuckerharrisonWhat a beautiful girl
  • reneetuckerharrisonHappy Birthday 🎁🎉🎂🎊🎈
  • das.hannahWas she born on Febuary 13,2003? I if so, that's my birthday too!😊so we both just turned 14
  • melissa81499Happy belated Birthday Keeley ❤🎂🎈🎉🎁
  • loramanaeaBeautiful young lady. Happy birthday
  • freedominteaifys"Dad, i swear if u post this I'll run away"
  • awesome_quotes_for_dayz_Happy belated
  • shaninbrucebaischHappy Birthday hope you enjoy it!!!!
  • jenniferstinson2017Happy belated birthday #u look like ur dad
  • garrmadgavHappy birthday!!! Got tickets for the concert in Green Bay on my birthday too bad can't sit with my boys could only get two sets of two tickets!
  • cozyhorsessince when do adults use the abrevated version of you?
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