• trentonprfmHave you found that most home furnishings are just a bit too “live”-ly for your distinguished taste in decor? Perhaps you prefer the ambiance of a preserved two-headed chicken mounted on your mantel as opposed to that putrid Sears portrait studio picture of you and your family in matching denim shirts? Well, we’re happy to say that the TPRFM has heard your cries and at our Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company event on Saturday March 4, 2017 we’ve sent out a call to the finest death dealers we could find which is where our friends at End Times Boutique (@theendtimesboutique) step into the light. Packing two tables with a collection of mounts, articulations, and wet specimens (that utilize ethically-sourced animal remains) these masters of the alternative arts give new life to dead things and create amazing art all at once! Macabre is the new black this Spring, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the (in)action of these formerly live critters and pick up a great conversation starter! So be sure come on down to the TPRFM at NCBC on Saturday March 4 and enjoy the day with over 100 other unique vendors, food trucks, a full line of NCBC’s beer offerings and a killer time you’re sure not to forget soon! #tprfm #trentonprfm #trentonpunkrockfleamarket #endtimesboutique #taxidermy #wetspecimens

  • thejimmyhermanThat is awesome!!
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