• alexandraroxoHonestly, it has taken me years to fully claim the words "I love myself." This world can make those words so hard to claim at times...they can be full of shame or guilt or embarrassment or layers of self loathing and self doubt, making it hard to uncover them or find them at all. But they are there, hiding inside you. They rise every time you say no to something that doesn't feel quite right. Or every time you nourish yourself. Or challenge your heart to open wider by sharing your love. Today I will continue this quiet revolution of committing to loving myself and radiating that outwards and so I can keep loving you.
    Repost by my Dear Magical Friend @lanieteardropp from the Glorious @nayyirah.waheed 💗

  • interpretbeauty🙏❤️🙌 yassss happy valentines day Alexandra 😻
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