• thebonniegrayWhat would it look like to fall in love with God all over again? 💕I'm inviting you & kindred spirits who are passionate, not only about experiencing that first love intimacy and joy with God, but also inspiring others to find that peace of intimacy with Him too.
    I've written 🍃📖#WhispersofRest, a beautiful 40 day detox for your soul to become the beloved with God. If you feel a tug on your heart to join in, 👆🏻click the link in my profile to learn more and sign up http://bit.ly/whispersbooklaunch
    Happy Valentine's Day, friends! May it be filled with an abundance of God's love! 💖{📷thx soulful kindred @imjustahuman}

  • ayakalu@sonicdawg 😘❤️
  • mchristineduncanall signed up... the world is going to need this book, I think!
  • got2bsvdI signed up and can't wait for your new book!! ❤
  • imjustahuman
  • thebonniegray@ayakalu thnx for sharing! 💕
  • thebonniegray@mchristineduncan your words are a 🎁to my heart, love changes everything! 💖
  • thebonniegray@got2bsvd what a gift 🎁! Happy galentines!
  • thebonniegray@imjustahuman 💕✨📖thnk you • may everything soulful and sweet touch your heart today
  • faithwordsbooksYay!!!
  • thebonniegray@faithwordsbooks 😘thank you for being beautiful wings to send this message of God's love into the world -- and into the hands and hearts of women who love books! 😍📖☕️💕
  • we_servicesWow, sounds amazing!!!! Can't wait to read it.
  • thebonniegray@we_services Sylvia, I know you'll love it esp as you pour out to others, you will be refreshed and poured into thru this bk! Hope you can join! ✨
  • kimhazerSo excited to read & share with others!!!
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