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  • siggy.flickerDon't let Valentines Day break your bank! If someone loves you then they should appreciate what you can afford! A simple card with a hand written note & a box of chocolates 🍫 is a wonderful way to express your LOVE! #valentinesday

  • skinnie_minieMy Lovey and I have been together for 15yrs and every Valentine's Day, he goes out of his way to make this day special. Not because he has too but because he wants to! It can be a huge flower arrangement or just one flower. It can be perfume, a card or candy? I never know what I'm going to get from him but it doesn't matter. Just the fact that he thinks of me on this day to celebrate the love that we share together, is all I want and need. And oh, I forgot to mention that every year we have 'Sweetheart' steaks for dinner!! 😍 (he'll request from the butcher at the market and they cut the steak to look like a ❤) @siggy.flicker Wishing you a Sweetheart of a Day! 💖😘
  • jfrag10Well done ✅
  • kristinabell19Hey Siggy! What do you say about husbands who do absolutely nothing?? @siggy.flicker
  • siggy.flicker@kristinabell19 I say bullshit. Let me talk to him. There is no excuse to do nothing. Period. You are worthy of a card. Of a piece of chocolate or a 🌹
  • siggy.flicker@funkshway_aldergrove perfect
  • justanordinary81girlI was surprised by a card last night and I was shocked!! Not only that but it was probably the sweetest thing I've ever received from him 😍
  • siggy.flicker@celinamendoza05 love this advice. ♥️
  • kristinabell19Been like that for years! I'm totally used to it...let's not start on birthdays, mothers day and anniversaries! @siggy.flicker
  • realhousewivesrealityqueenIt's just another day really.. me and my hubby decided to just say I love you ......
  • mckean305You ALWAYS have the perfect advice @siggy.flicker 👏🤗☀️❤️
  • siggy.flicker@realhousewivesrealityqueen well that's good. I love you to♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • bltlyonsHow about a heart shaped pizza and a mega millions ticket?
  • giannademarcoxoSiggy===less is more!!! The card my love gave to me today said it all--that is all I need!!! He shows me how much he loves me everyday in many ways,so I really did not expect anything today--I apprecaite what I am given from him daily. I love you Siggy,always and forever.💝💘💝💘
  • jru1228@jimmancari Did you cover this today? My girl Real Housewives of NJ @siggy.flicker
  • scarlettisatthemoviesI ❤❤❤❤❤siggy😘
  • karenlavandowskiesa@siggy.flicker lunch Friday Dolores you and I
  • karenlavandowskiesaNotes left in my house He knows the routine bathroom wash face note by sink gi
  • dolorescataniaI love this why did I not know about this
  • janire2001Bravo @siggy.flicker 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • trinitron87I tell my honey to wait a day or two after the 14th because it's less and of course the stores are not as busy as it is on Valentine's Day. I told him just to get me a card and express his love for me. I can do the roses and chocolates and dinner another day only because I don't like going out on Valentine's Day. But my honey always insists going all out on Valentine's Day. Although I am truly thankful. I just rather save the money and put the cash towards necessities rather than my wants.
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