• ellieholcombJust wanted to remind you that wherever you are, & whatever you're doing today, you are deeply loved by God. And that is a good reason to celebrate. "You are loved
    Not because of what you've done
    Even when your heart has
    run the other way,
    nothing's gonna change His love
    You are wanted
    Not because you are perfect
    I that you don't think
    You're worth that kind of grace
    But look into His face , you'll know
    That you are LOVED" ❤️

  • rzills@daisyrhoad @mega zills @shawdykins
  • cliffs_and_caves❤️💖❤️💕
  • jendillenderYou tell 'em Ellie!! 🙌🏻
  • robinsondiLove this song so much. And a video shoot ? Yay!!! Can't wait to see it even if it won't be for a while. @ellieholcomb thank you for reminding me always through your words that I am loved.
  • marylizowens@noragrets22
  • abolfazlsaleh@ellieholcomb 🤞🏼💎
  • abolfazlsaleh@ellieholcomb 🤞🏼💎
  • lisalikeslingonberriesI've been listening to your albums non-stop in the car with my girls! Your songs, including this one, lift my spirit. Plus they have good lyrics that I want to instill in my children while they're young! Love never fails. @ellieholcomb
  • lauries77Amen, @ellieholcomb!💗 A sweet friend @jodybenedict gifted me your Red Sea Road album today and it is blessing my heart!🙂 Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus!🙌🏼
  • risboras💕💕💕
  • gigiaugustin❤Thank you!
  • textingthetruthSo love this! We wrote this same message on our blog today. ❤
  • robyn.lynI wanted to post a link to this song today! 😊 When will the video release? 😍
  • freddyfly9564Amen beautiful words thanks for sharing
  • malloryjcarranzaThank you! I've loved hearing your new music popping up on my pandora station today! Headed to iTunes now!😍
  • farewellamusic❤🙌🏻 Love this pic and you
  • tjvolbert❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • cccuad@alexis_denny
  • alexis_denny@cccuad love you!!!
  • lydiagrace190Finally got the chance to listen to Red Sea Road, and it is beautiful. I've always loved your music, but you have outdone yourself with this album. It's grand. Thank you for sharing your gift.
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