• mweddingsI already wrote about the importance of traveling and keeping myself inspired/having fresh eyes. Whenever I cover destination weddings, especially those I've never been before, my aim is to get there at least two days ahead. This allows me time to scout locations, explore the place and do travel shots which usually help bring the whole story to a higher level. This image is a result of it. We managed to find a secret spot, unburdened with crowds of visitors. Exactly what I needed for sunrise shots. But the bad thing is - the sun is coming out really quickly and, in order to sync with balloons we needed both timing and luck as they don't fly out of the same spot every morning. #mweddings #myanmar #myanmarwedding

  • michaelphinThe whirl of those balloon fans was like music to our ears 😂
  • mweddings@michaelphin I must admit I was scared at some point they won't take off!🙈
  • joelandjustynaBeautiful frame Marko!
  • ilwbwI love this BW one 😍
  • upatmoonriseBeautiful 👌👍
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