Great to see my friend Jeff Prine and his 60 Burst .., He has owned it since 1972 and is 14 numbers away from a guitar I own.  I love stories like this.  A killer player with his tool kit.
  • joebonamassaGreat to see my friend Jeff Prine and his 60 Burst .., He has owned it since 1972 and is 14 numbers away from a guitar I own. I love stories like this. A killer player with his tool kit.

  • pasqualerobustiniWow! So close!
  • onurgurdoganthis is not about bragging @pasqualerobustini... I'm not talking about donations or similar things... What am I telling is a leadership of a social responsibility area... some efforts can create social healing and progress... and those things must be told and share... otherwise how can we support those social responsibility efforts? and who cares his beatiful guitar collection?
  • pedleboredQuestion, why is his neck pickup flipped? What does that do for the tone? Brighter?
  • vonwingeI just got an Gibson Epiphone Elite made in Japan...incredible les paul.
  • rotts4everVery cool 😎
  • mark.juradoEver play SGs, Joe? I am jonesing for one! Looking forward to seeing you on March 17!
  • lefthandedatheist13If Billy Gibbons was to sell you Pearly Gates, would you buy her?!
  • reyetr@mkawish22 nope Jeff Prine. My cousin ;)
  • joebonamassa@onurgurdogan I just gave 104,000 dollars to charity this week. I am a collector and custodian of history as I am a musician.
  • joebonamassa@onurgurdogan I also helped raise 40, 000 dollars for LA homeless folks. Without grabbing a hammer and nails and building track housing I'm not sure what more I should be doing. ... I'm the wrong guy to call out for not being generous. Just ask around about me.
  • sally23444@joebonamassa @onurgurdogan Not to mention Joe's foundation he started and maintains, Keeping the Blues Alive in the schools!
  • jeffevansjamsJoe you do not have to defend yourself and i for one am grateful that you give us all a glimpse into your life.The guy with a problem is jealous of what you can do and what you have and should more concerned with what he can do to help humanity thks for letting us interact with you and thks for being an amazing artist.
  • varone26@flortinos
  • levichapman_@joebonamassa Well said, Joe! So since you're a generous about a burst and a blackguard sent my way in Glasgow? 😅😭
  • onurgurdoganDear @joebonamassa, There is no need to defend it because there is no attack targeting you. We are just chatting in a public space with some casual style... I am not discussing your "generosity" or the amount of donations you make. And I am not evaluating your social contributions by your cash donations. [ But if you prefer to talk about the amount of donations, $140,000 is not enough to buy an original '59 Les Paul! You can create a fund 50 times larger than this by organising monthly KTBA concerts. Got me? ;) ] I am just talking about a "Sustainable Social Responsibility Initiative" that has spread far beyond the world Joe. KTBA project (of course, wt. all my respects I congratulate you and your sponsors) is very limited to the US. Yet you have a big power that can create inspiring impacts all over the world -as a musician-! The scope of this project, can be extended to the whole world step by step, as musicians, commercial companies and fans will support you... The media value of your brand also creates a very suitable platform for it. In addition, your Instagram posts are creating a perception that you're devoting more time to guitar collections than these social responsibility initiatives... [Yes, investing in the culture and history of music and guitar are respectfull efforts as well, but don't we have much greater priorities for the world and humanity?] Instagram is a platform worth mentioning about social responsibility works as well as guitar collections... I think you can be an inspiring -worldwide- social responsibility symbol / pioneer as much as you are a great musician and a custodian of history. . . . These were what I wanted to emphasize...
  • guitartroy@onurgurdogan why don't YOU do something. Instagram is not a social blah blah blah. It's about showing off cool pictures with people who might find them interesting. Leave Joe alone!
  • beverlee55Some people just overstep their own boundaries of what they think other people should do when in reality they themselves are not doing anything at all.
  • schaefer_beckyYes, take your soapbox and preach on someone else's corner please
  • scutchweldz@onurgurdogan what business is it of yours, what another man does with money that he's earned through hard work, talent, and dedication?
  • sandracalderon28@onurgurdogan show us what YOU do with your money and time
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