• philaflavaI remember it like it was yesterday. 21 years ago, I walked inside Best Buy, dropped $40 and walked out with these 3 CDs. That was when Tuesdays were still super and you'd race to the car with your latest purchase and probably use your key to open the shrink wrap.
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  • crazyupsRemember this day well!!! Fugues album surprised the hell outta me!!! Coming off heels of "Blunted"
  • dirt_dogI was always a big fan of Circuit City (RIP). For years thier cd prices were significantly cheaper than any other place. Keys to open the shrink wrap but then there were always those silver bars stickers that would leave the residue behind.
  • philaflava@dirt_dog 💯. Plus Circuit City seemed to carry a lot of the obscure releases too. I must have purchased 300 cds there. Blockbuster Music too, when I would switch the 9.99 sticker on the new releases.
  • ditc1994Wow...i didnt walk in a best buy til 07 lol...i didnt buy albums then mostly singles...but did buy albums here or there during that period '95-'96
  • jay_falafelsMaaan...my Tuesday spot was Specs. Keys for the shrink wrap! You brought me back to the specs parking lot with that one.
  • philaflava@jay_falafels Specs was fucking expensive AF.
  • mj_shaq7@philaflava dam specs that real south FL shit G
  • philaflava@mj_shaq7 peaches
  • mj_shaq7@philaflava Pac dropping one of the best albums ever that day
  • finetoneAw man I remember this day SO well too. I damn near lived in Sound of Germantown on Tuesdays, the CD prices weren't great, but I could cop the CD and vinyl copies at the same time and their vinyl prices were on point. I miss that spot as much as I miss the anticipation for those Tuesdays when a joint you'd been waiting on seemingly forever was finally dropping and the satisfaction you'd feel opening the packaging and peeping the liner notes, etc for the first time...it just ain't the same no more. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rid my lawn of youths.
  • roving_tcFor sure did this. Btw @philaflava interested in your take on Mr. Smith. Been listening a lot this week and it's bringing me back to summer '96 - I love a lot of the production but a lot of the lyrics are corny as hell and it seems he just wanted to move units, walking this weird line between hard MC and talking about getting married and shit. I think I Shot Ya Remix is one of the best commercial tracks of the 90s, but I was too young for hardcore LL so can't really compare with ballad LL that started on Mr. Smith. What's your take?
  • philaflava@roving_tc peep episode 5 as we not only play his best work but discuss why he should be mentioned among the goats.
  • roving_tc@philaflava Awesome good look will have a listen, thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  • henn_doggClassic
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