• sarahpostma“No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted.” - Aesop | This week, my favorite creative entrepreneurs @tuesdaystogetherbellingham and @risingtidesociety are making waves on social media to spread good deeds and love in the world! We are taking action, however small, to bring kindness back to the forefront. Is a small act enough to change the world? We think so! To start, I'm responding to today's challenge to post a shoutout to friends who I see making #wavesofkindness. So, off the top of my head, I have to mention @jtgood for her inspiring art, activism and work in healthcare, @fleurinc for never being afraid to stand up for equality and social justice on their Instagram account which inspires other businesses to do the same, @jamievtravel for always being a light of true positivity on her social media and in person, @poziebynatalie and @foothills_flowers because a little bird told me they created and donated the most amazing floral arrangements for the Hearts for Housing Gala to benefit @lydiaplace this weekend.
    Who else do you think of? To get the wave started, share a post and shoutout on social media to someone who is making a #wavesofkindness in their own seemingly small, but amazing, kind way. Be sure to share a bit of what they are doing to make the world a kinder place.

  • focus_in_photographyLove it! And off to check out the names you listed!
  • fleurinc🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • poziebynatalie😚😚😚
  • foothills_flowersThanks Sarah! 💕
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