I'm making a couple more of these low-carb protein cheesecakes today 😍 individual servings made in a jar means easier baking (no water bath) and easy to take with you, in case you're always packing snacks like I am 😁
🍓Ingredients for one 8oz jar
(best if all ingredients are at room temp)
½ package Neufchâtel cheese (4oz or 112g)
1 large egg, whole (50g)
2 oz fat-free Greek yogurt (1/4 cup or 57g)
2 tablespoons natural whey protein powder (10g) - I'm using our Whey Protein For Baking
2 packets stevia (2g)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
🍰Bake for 15 mins at 325F (163C) and then another 15 mins or so at 250F (121C). Bake time and temp really depends on how your oven does with low temps, so could be 200F, or could be 10 mins. Keep an eye - you want the edges to be firm but center can be a little underdone. It will set as it cools. Let it cool completely then refrigerate.
Super-creamy and delicious. Make some!
Prot: 28g, Carbs: 6g (0g fiber, 5g sugar), Fat 29g Cal:397
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