apparently mama is not as funny as she thinks she is 😳 #motherhood #fourthtrimester #threeweeksold #newborn #vscocam #justicenash
  • sweetpoppystudiosapparently mama is not as funny as she thinks she is 😳 #motherhood #fourthtrimester #threeweeksold #newborn #vscocam #justicenash

  • jennycruzatAwe such a sweet pic
  • lcmom2boysThis picture is the epitome of life with a newborn!
  • prisalbroHa that looks familiar
  • criketbugAw hang in there momma bear 💙
  • benny_1_time@sweetpoppystudios it takes time to get how funny you are... He'll get it soon enough!!
  • reneefitat40Omg that face! So funny!!!
  • ricealiciaLooking at the way his tongue is cupped and not very elevated in this photo I would definitely reach out to a preferred provider to have him looked at. Look up aerophagia induced reflux. There are two types of tongue ties anterior and posterior. Posterior can be easily missed by the untrained eye but it can cause tons of problems. If you end up getting a revision done I would recommend joining a support group on FB they have tons of great information and of course support. @sweetpoppystudios
  • sweetpoppystudios@ricealicia hi!! Oh my gosh, thank you so so much for all of your help! I seriously have no clue what to do! He did have a tongue tie that they snipped already. Possibly he needs more?! I'll take him to a specialist and see!
  • ricealiciaWhen they just snip it often times they don't get the whole tie and there is still restriction. The preferred providers use a laser instead of scissors. The aftercare is what is most important though so that the tie doesn't heal incorrectly. Aftercare involves stretches of the tongue for a few weeks. It is no fun for you or baby but it's well worth it. I saw a different that same day with my babe but for some it takes longer. @sweetpoppystudios
  • sweetpoppystudios@ricealicia oh my gosh really?!! I'll call on Monday and see if I can get someone to look at him. I had to do to the tongue stretches after the first one too 😩
  • ricealiciaWe ended up having to get my son revised twice too. Both times was with a preferred provider but the first time I didn't do the stretches long enough. The second time I did them four weeks. We also found that he had a lip tie on the second go around bc his top teeth had come in and there was a huge gap in between them. I didn't know he was tongue tied until he was 6 months old. I wish I could have gotten him revised sooner. @sweetpoppystudios
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