wrjgoeljngkjnrwbjkfkbhewkhrw ihavenoideawhattocaptionthis I'm bored guys I have lots and lots to do and have no time to do it because of procrastination. (Also, I've been reading this fanfic called Freak by MelancholyMango, and it's a troyler AU and it's  so good plus it's got eight MILLION reads on wattpad, which is way more than any other troyler fanfic that exists on the site. it really needs to be published as a real book or something, it's perfect) ((i think I read way too much fanfiction - like, I've only  read three books yet in 2017, and 36 fanfics)) (and another thing: I'VE STARTED WRITING MY OWN BOOK, which will be a YA fiction book I think, and I have no idea if I'll end up abandoning this whole idea, but I have a brief sketch of the whole plot and I've written all my ideas and prompts down, so yeah, YAYYY)
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