Our 2017 poetry prize shortlist is live!
  • cosmonautsavenueOur 2017 poetry prize shortlist is live!

  • rossmckieGood God! The names! The names sound so young...even those with just initials! #whendidtherestofusage ?
  • bubukitteh@rossmckie Not sure what you're getting at but I feel like you're negating the quality of the work for the (assumed) age of the contributors. Is it because a majority identify as women?
  • rossmckieNope. Not at all. Not one bit. Another humble thing about aging is all. You'll get it when you're older...
  • bubukitteh@rossmckie thanks for the condescension when it comes to age, but I'm very certain I will not be leaving passive aggressive comments when I get to your age.
  • rossmckieOh Good Lord! Be well. You have a great magazine no matter. Peace.
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