• nsspcaStorm day means extra time for us to bake our delicious desserts for tomorrow's Valentine's dinner! Our volunteers are whipping up some delicious red velvet, devils food and golden cake triffles with skor, whipped cream and chocolate pudding layers.
    Did we mention tickets are only $10!?!?! Our event in #truro *as of right now* is still a GO! Keep your eyes posted for updates as the weather progresses. If you haven't got your tickets yet- don't worry you can grab them at the door. Skip cooking, dine with us! #lovelocaltruro #rescueanimals #nsstorm #valentines #baking

  • jes.elliot@keegan_arenburg Truro trip part 2?
  • kscubby@nsspca what times does the dinner go until?
  • nsspca@kscubby dinner starts at 4:30 and we will be there until we run out 😊. We anticipate serving until 7:30-8:00pm. Come on down to 288 Main Street, bible hill. The horsemens club!!
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