• urbanicI was mortified to jump... but it was SO liberating when I swallowed the fear and did it! In my head I was thinking how true this is about life. - Right? Yesterday I took #thewoollenboys on a mommy & sons Valentines date at @tsnyla . It was scary and amazing to say the least and a pure thrill for all of us. We then had an amazing dinner on the pier @thealbright and watched the videos we took of each other over and over cracking up. (Best date ever & I dox'd the whole thing on my ig story yesterday! ☝🏻) and by the way, if you've never trapeze(d) before ...you must try it at least once in life!

  • ahappyblog👏🏼👏🏼 good for you!! I tried the one in Las Vegas and they were amazing-- even got me to do a catch!!
  • swellpresspaperIt's SO fun. I've been dying to take more lessons!
  • golivehqLooks so fun!
  • thelifestyledI think I'm too scared. I have no arm strength! 🙈
  • jenny.jae👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼 sooo crazy!!! And i cant believe Javin did it!!! 😯😯🙌🏼
  • studiohappystoryLooks like so much fun!!!!
  • bonnietsangThat's amazing, A!!
  • ozziemamaSo brave!
  • ozziemamaLove that you capped off the amazing experience with a lunch @thealbright!
  • departmentofartisansPerfect!
  • scotchandcreamOh my, you are very brave! I'd be terrified!
  • inesitarepettoAnda @poligomez
  • juliasirwesterSo awesome! I've done it twice and was terrified both times but it's amazing!
  • amytangerineSo awesome!! Did it many years ago and loved every second! And I was sore for days 😂
  • kuohphotographyinteriorsGorgeous
  • ashddesignVery nice
  • juwelenkindWunderschön! 🤗
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