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  • helprefugeesukRefugees are the world’s most vulnerable people.
    They need your love more than ever.

    This Valentine’s Day, we have a choice to make.

    We can choose fear and hate them.

    We can look away and ignore them.

    We can Choose Love.


    Join Us.

    #ChooseLove with your voice by changing your overlay and sharing how you #chooselove this Valentine’s Day on social media. We will share your stories!! Go to our Facebook page - HelpRefugeesUK to change your profile pic and #chooselove
    Choose Love with your gifts, by donating now. Even the smallest gifts can save a life.

    For all the details, visit: http://chooseloveforvalentines.org

  • feliciteangelWearing mine today ❤
  • birdypie💜💜💜
  • leafy8❤️❤❤️❤🌅
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