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  • michaelcostelloYou can't take this moment away from me I am so honored and happy to see this performance by maren and Alicia and have both of them wearing my designs . Watching this from home makes me realize how truly blessed I am . Seeing the hate and mean cruel comments just makes me stronger and will only fuel me to work harder smarter better faster quicker hate me all you want say what you want right now I am unstoppable this boy is on fire-

  • ileana3740Congratulations! Don't pay attention to haters. They are fat and have so much envy of your success and clothes! Rise!!! ❤❤❤@michaelcostello!
  • stylista_xoxoYou are blessed and humble not arrogant like some ..you always impress by taking it to the next level bravo
  • gaaaaabbs@michaelcostello no one should ever take that moment away from you, it is yours! You deserve it, you're one of the most humble and talented in my eyes. What you create is beautiful and legendary. You're loved by so many, the negativity should never put you down. Those are the ones that have nothing going for themselves, those are the ones we should pray and feel sorry for. Because you're doing so well they feel threatened! I hope to be able to wear one of your pieces one day. Just always remember how special and talented you are, you're going to go so much farther than you have now, within a matter of time you've been blessed! I'm proud of you as a fan!❤
  • londabrown66Yes you are blessed..i love, love, love your clothes they are the best..one of the best designers ever to me..keep up the good work dont worry about nothing else..you are on role and unstoppable!!
  • _julie_71_She looks like Khloe kardashian
  • aubreykazzThese outfits are AMAZING, obsessed with your talent. Ignore the haters, ain't nobody got time for that. 💙
  • me_myself_andirene@michaelcostello will this be Available for purchase?
  • gabbie_gibbsHer dress lol I know im too much @sabrinaemmik
  • sabiteenie_tooweird@gabbie_gibbs no such thing I walk into my first day of skletch or better yet work wearing this beauty lmao so our steeeelo
  • mendessnanaI really loved both of them. Nice to meet your great work. Greetings from Brazil.
  • preciouskickz85Dear Micheal, I love you since being on Project Runway. I love your work and admire your designs. May God bless you and your tremendous talents, and may God's graces forevermore shine a light in your life🙏🏼. Just a fan, Nilsa
  • preciouskickz85Stunning!!
  • jbrill414Stunning ,knock out ,magnificent!! I am obsessed with the uniqueness of your designs 🌹
  • gabbie_gibbsHahahahahahaha baaad, good laugh Sabis😂😂😂😂 and with a Ms Doubtfire "Helloooooooooooooooo" huh it really be like that @ deez community colleges @sabrinaemmik
  • tony_nicholes_👍
  • modabycgCongrats!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❌⭕️❌⭕️
  • michelledonadornMy daughter and I have loved all your designs since Project Runway. You are amazing!
  • daniellef321Stunning!
  • themummom@michaelcostello where can I get these stockings/nylons she's wearing!? They match the dress so well...
  • the_goldengodessAmen!!!! Sing it @michaelcostello don't ever let anyone dim your magical flame. Greg and Nica just had their son. 😘😘😘😘😘😘
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