• reeseypeasyGIVEAWAY: Have you found that wallet that fits your daily detritus? Cards, cash, receipts, Post-it notes, polaroids - everything? Sakroots does an amazing job holding mine ❤️
    I'd like you to win a @sakrootsph freebie too! Here's how!
    1. Follow SakrootsPH on Instagram.
    2. Repost my photo and tell me why you want a Sakroots freebie with hashtag #Sakrootsph
    3. Comment on my Sakroots post in Instagram once you've posted your entry
    You seriously need some Sakroots in your life 💯

  • clarabelbelsjoined! ❤
  • polararalio@reeseypeasy i really want one! :D
  • anglcbrbrDooone! 😊😊😍😍🙋🙋🙋🙏🙏🙏
  • gilexxI always dream of winning in a giveaway raffle and i think this is the best chance to join. Done! 😉 Btw, ILOVEYOU BIBI GURL!! 😘
  • mauvmayo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • imdenisemI've never won any raffles before. I hope I can this time. 😁😁😁
  • 9racerhonaPosted mine. Give it to me, I seriously need this. 😘😁
  • ellafunnyohLove at first sight of Sakroots! 💕 I always liked the idea of giving back, especially when its for Mother Earth and the animals ❤️
  • marishmaeeeeeHi Ms. Reese!! Posted mine already!! :) :) ❤❤
  • halifeseyBetween a want and a need, this is something a bit of both. 💜😊
  • dailyjourneiDefinitely an essential for someone who constantly struggles to keep her essentials at bay 👛
  • fayehiddlesI posted my entry! 💙💛
  • samleyquinnPosteeed <3
  • dreathebibliophileDone! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! 😘
  • societyofsnobsnice gallery! 😍
  • demon_broccoliNever lose your awesomeness!
  • charoqsentry posted!
  • isangchiThis is so cute. I need this in my life ❤ cute+functional= winner!! Also, entry posted! :)
  • ellafunnyoh#Sakrootsph liked my post what does that mean huhu did they pick me? 😊😱 #umaasa 💕
  • cyrajureidiniJust posted an entry! Thanks for this amazing giveaway ❤ baka it comes with a meet and greet opportunity? 🤓 haha
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