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  • drstrangerecordsI think I JUST became old. I drove on the freeway for two miles with my blinker on! ( Let's blame it on being tired okay?)

  • allroy75You lame basted 😆🤦🏼‍♂️
  • uberallasAbuelo!!!
  • kittay_highlifeAwww man that drives me crazy when i see a person on the freeway with their blinker on and never turn! Lol 😆
  • cmonsta77I bet you turned eventually...
  • jannebloA lot of miles your rich
  • frankie626_fbYeah I saw your old ass
  • ehell79what is a blinker?
  • teddieviennaHow many people flipped you off in those two miles?
  • luis_1138I find it even worse when I see someone that has the side mirror indicator light too... are they not looking at their mirrors either???
  • kev336_I do that! but usually its just because im blasting Hardcore and cant hear the blinker lol
  • sixsixsteveIt's forgivable....if your rollin in a E39 ....
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