• tinyrayofsunshineMood lately...🌹 Drew a rose on some happymail and then thought to myself, if I make beautiful things for others, why not add a little beauty to my Bullet Journal? I've been feeling, well, a bit off for quite some time now. So, I turned to what I have my entire life that helps me get out my emotions: drawing & words. After this, I wrote down all the tasks bouncing around in my mind, Mental Inventory/brain dump style to help clear my mind and determine the steps to move forward as the quote says. Hope you enjoy 😊
    #BulletJournal #BulletJournalLove #rose #drawing #twsbi #fountainpenart #fountainpen #asketchaday

  • tarihuffakerAmen and Amen.
  • drkatdayHoly demonstrators Batman!
  • journalwithpurposeYour roses are beautiful, lovely to see. Hope you feel much better soon 😘
  • naomiterpeningThat's so gorgeous.
  • bonjournal_I'm enjoying this so much! I hope you begin feeling more yourself soon 💗
  • charmaine.wallaceGorgeous! I know exactly how you feel. I've been "off" too. I spend my days at work thinking of all the things I want to do, and when I get home or have a weekend, I do none of them, instead I sit and scroll through flickr sketchnotes or watch lettering videos, rather than actually do something myself. Need to get out this funk!
  • rainbow.bujoBeautiful - I hope it gave you the space you needed to move forward 💗
  • shilen.qcI hope you feel better soon Kim ❤ Your roses are so pretty.
  • jody.cI kind of think drawing roses are meditative - like drawing mandalas.
  • craftsbynikitaBeautiful roses!
  • isaavancena@teresakristel instag account for all your journal-ing needs
  • teresakristel@isaavancena u really are my ride or die thanks becky
  • dorybluLove your journal, the roses are awesome 💕🌹
  • digplansAwww hope you feel better. The journal has a way of changing up the mood, now that you mention it, totally agree!!
  • nekoreelBeautiful! What's the ink you are using @tinyrayofsunshine?
  • livejoyfulandhealthyOhhh!! I love your drawing! ❤🌹❤️Hope you are feeling better now, bujo is great therapy! 😉
  • shellah_bellaNice job!!!
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