Some Sunday thought in class were, "Have pride in your work and what you are doing but avoid being prideFUL. Share your strengths that you have been blessed with and the talents you worked on over the years to develop because you were blessed with THAT talent for a reason-to bless others and teach those who needed it.💕 There will always be someone better at something you do, but it does NOT mean what you have to share is not valuable." ❤

Isn't that so great to remember!? I often forget and begin comparing myself to other stylists or moms and stop to remember how hard I have worked to become the hairstylist I am and how much I love being the mom I AM at the same time. I take pride in the things I have learned and absolutely LOVE sharing it now #ontheblog and the small classes I get to teach. So keep developing your talents because what YOU have to offer holds value also. 
Anyone else kiss their babies while they sleep? Ugh she is getting too big!😩#sundaybabysnuggles #babysnuggles
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