• food_to_glowThe weather is sooo wild today, but I'm determined to head out to the outdoor Stockbridge Market and grab some local veggies - ie not lettuces or courgettes 😉😉😉. But first I'm buttressing myself against the keen wind by swigging back a big bowl of matcha tea. I'll continue the cosiness by wrapping up in this new, exquisite wool and cashmere "Fennel Tangle" scarf designed by my bestie, @nikifulton_ . Isn't it gorgeous? Now, I need to go before everything sells out. What are you doing this afternoon??
    Btw I'll pop this pear in my pocket and nibble it when I inevitably get tempted by all of the delectable artisan baking. Well, it *might* work! #adoremycupoftea #cacaynaturals #textiles #flatlay #healthyliving #lifestylephotography #gifts #matchagreentea #organicskincare 🍐❄☔😊💨🍵

  • nikifulton_Hey you, you are waaaay to kind to me btw 😊Hope you had a nice Stockie market day, we had a great day in StA's , wow, the size of the waves today - huge!
  • food_to_glow@nikifulton_ I misdescribed your gorgeous scarf. Corrected. I hope 😊😊
  • mindful_luxeNice!
  • fild_piecesNice!
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