Snowy Sunday afternoon 🌨
  • msjenallisonSnowy Sunday afternoon 🌨

  • lucy_jodkowski😍😍😍 cutie 🐈
  • elenalucie😍😍😍😍
  • roballisonBad boy!!
  • tattooedtealadyKitchen goals 👌
  • koni.kaoh, this kitchen! didn't you say you had a lot of rooms refitted and redone before hazel's birth? wouldn't now be the perfect time for... ahem, a house tour? (am totally *not* saying that because i'm horribly nosy... no, no.) no, but honestly, you've got some mad interior decorating skills and i think a house tour would be lovely.
  • msjenallison@koni.ka Oh, thank you so much! We had the kitchen done and new flooring/walls in the living room and hall. I do have some pics to post so hopefully will get round to it soon!
  • haykeyloloIs that a copper kettle? 😻
  • msjenallison@haykeylolo It is! By Dualit.
  • haykeyloloReally beautiful @msjenallison
  • sixravensginnice pic 👏 👏 👏
  • koni.ka@msjenallison oh that'd be brill! i'll certainly keep my eyes peeled.
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